John Ledward

Recession schmession. South Campus student John Ledward wastes money so fast it burns holes in his pockets.

A self-proclaimed gambling addict, 20-year-old Ledward began gambling when he was 16. Inspired by the movie Rounders and the 2003 World Championship of Poker, his habit has grown lucrative as well as devastating at times, he said.

“I lose, like, $1,000 in a night sometimes,” Ledward said.

The majority of his gambling takes place in illegal home games or at Winstar Casino, where he said he once lost $1,700 in poker and blackjack due to inebriation.

Ledward confirmed his suspicions about gambling when 10 out of 12 questions on a Texas Tech questionnaire said he was addicted. However, he continues to play in search of a big payoff.

He was recently the youngest player at a poker tournament located in an affluent Burleson man’s house consisting of 40 to 50-year-old men. He went on to beat the men, winning $2,300.

Ledward’s love of gambling provides him a mix of emotions he enjoys, he said.

“I do get an adrenaline rush,” Ledward said. “But at the same, being completely in control of the situation at all times kind of calms me down.”


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