Nellie Lutz

Few Americans ever get to see the world beyond the U.S., but this summer NE student Nellie Lutz will be one of the few who travels beyond our borders.

“For four weeks of the summer, I’m going to Europe,” Lutz said. “It’s exciting because I’ve only been to Mexico, and that’s it. I’ve never even been to Canada.”

This summer, Lutz and three of her friends will travel to some of the most popular places in Europe.

“We’re going to London. I heard London men are really smooth. I’m kinda worried because when I hear all those accents I’m gonna be like, ahhh and ohhh,” Lutz said.
Lutz admits that she may find the accents of the London men alluring, but she won’t let their accents fool her.

“I will be wooed by their accents, but not to the extent where I’ll be whisked off my feet, or is it swept away? Whatever it is, there won’t be any sweeping,” Lutz said, laughing.

Never being outside the U.S. Lutz wants to explore as much as she can to learn about cultures different from her own.

“We’re going to Rome to see all that goodness for three days,” she said. “Which is also really exciting because I’m very culturally not informed, and we’ll go with that instead of saying culturally dumb.”

Several students who have traveled beyond the States unfortunately have been kidnapped or never seen again. But Lutz refuses to become another statistic with her knowledge of the arts.

“I think I might be the beastliest person going,” she said. “I’m just the buffest one going, and I plan on protecting everyone. There’s an art called the fast and the furious style of fighting. Garfield created it. And I’m the master of it.”


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