Jada Sanders

Jada Sanders can be described as many things. She is a 28 year old. She is a TCC graduate. She is a nurse. She is divorced and single. But first and foremost in her world, she is a mom.

Landon is her 3-year-old son.

“He’s my world,” Sanders said. “He comes first before anything. No matter how much he terrorizes my house and makes me angry throughout the day, he’s my baby.”

Because of her responsibilities, it is difficult for Sanders to have a social life.

“Being a single mom and dating is very hard,” she said. “Number one, you feel guilty doing anything social when you’re a single mom because it’s time you feel you should be spending with your child. Number two, if you do happen to like the person and they like you, then they want to meet your child and it’s weird because you feel like you’re always introducing these people to your child.

“Number three, what if the person doesn’t want children and you have one? Some people look at that as baggage, some don’t care.”

Currently, Sanders works at Texas Health Resources Harris Emergency Room as a nurse. She has worked there since 2000 when she was a patient care tech and as a nurse since she received her associate in nursing from TCC in 2004.

There is 400 percent more responsibility as a nurse than a tech, she said.

“Being a tech is task-based,” she said. “Once you finish your task, you’re done.”

As a nurse, instead of having one task to do she must juggle several things for several patients at once.

Sanders was originally in a pre-med career track. After working in the emergency room and seeing how nurses and doctors work, she decided to switch to nursing.

“I saw the challenge in it,” she said.

She wanted to spend more time with the patients and not worry about the science side but the patient care side of medicine.

Sanders plans on going for her masters as soon as Landon is in school, but, for now, she enjoys staying in with him and watching a movie in her robe with her feet kicked up.


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