Adrian Neely

RTVB instructor Adrian Neely is about to complete his first year of his first full-time teaching job.

His only other teaching experience prior to coming to TCC was as a teaching assistant while earning his master’s degree at SMU.

Most of his experience in television production came from his time at KEYE-TV, the CBS affiliate in Austin, Texas.

“It was a small station, so you got to do a little bit of everthing,” he said.

Neely said his duties included camera operator, working the teleprompter, floor directing, master control and graphics operator.

“It was a good experience, but it takes a particular type of individual to work at a news station,” he said. “It can be very intense.”

When Neely’s wife, Michelle, decided to attend graduate school to become a teacher, she convinced Neely, who was working freelance in commercial film production, to pursue a teaching career also.

Neely at the time thought he wanted to become a sportscaster.

“She told me I need to think about a teaching career, and I thought my career had plateaued,” he said.

Teaching at TCC, he said it is nice to have a regular job and knowing where the money is coming from.

“It is rewarding. You want to give back something,” he said. “Working freelance commercial production is just a paycheck, but nothing else.” 

Neely said it is rewarding knowing he helps students reach their goals.

Neely hopes to further his teaching career at TCC long-term.

“I will take what I have learned [about teaching] this year towards my summer classes and next year’s classes,” he said.


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