Chelsi Allen

At 21 years old, Chelsi Allen is one of the youngest patient care technicians at Texas Health Resources Harris Emergency Room.

She started working in the emergency room in August 2008 because she was interested in nursing.

“I wanted to make sure that whenever I pursued my nursing that this was what I wanted to do and I was capable of working in this atmosphere,” Allen said.

After working at the hospital for eight months, she has one thing to say.

“I love my job.”

She has been accepted to El Centro College nursing program and plans to start as soon as she finishes up her basics at TCC.

She won’t stop there, though. Allen wants to get additional education to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Allen’s mom, a nurse, sparked her interest in nursing.

“I got to hear all of my mom’s stories about work growing up,” Allen said. “It was fascinating.”

All of the hard work she puts into her nursing degree does take away from other aspects of her life, though.

She used to watch at least 15 movies per week, but with working in the emergency room and studying for nursing she only gets to watch one or two a week.

“I’m kind of a movie buff,” Allen said. “My favorite movie is The Fifth Element because it’s got a little bit of action, drama and comedy all in one.”


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