Crystal Truby

Crystal Truby has learned the hard way about college life.

She began on the NW campus in the fall of 2005.

“I was a full-time student and working and was really enjoying my new freedom and life as a college student,” she said.

Truby began with her basic courses and after her first semester found an interest in nursing.
She began the prerequisite courses for the nursing program in spring 2006.

“The classes were hard, and it required a lot of study time and patience from me,” she said.

She ended the semester with D’s in her classes and was placed on academic probation.

“I couldn’t believe that I had let my grades slip so low, and I was very upset,”she said.

Truby became frustrated with herself and entered the fall semester with hesitation. She only took nine hours of classes that semester.

“I was angry at myself and really didn’t take time to figure out why I had done so terrible the semester before. I just jumped right back in, ” she said.

Truby ended the semester with a 2.0 GPA. It was not enough to pull her out of probation, and she was placed on academic suspension. Once on suspension, a student must sit out one year before returning to school.

“I was so embarrassed and mad at myself for letting it happen,” she said.

Truby began working full time and took time to focus on her mistakes.

She began taking an online course this spring.

“I’m starting off slow. Now that I’m able to return to TCC, I’m placed on academic probation and must work on getting my GPA to a 2.0,” she said.

Truby still hopes to pursue a degree in nursing but now knows the dedication and hard work she must put into each class.

“I learned the hard way and have definitely learned my lesson,” she said.


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