Dolyn Mayo

Many students have high, although sometimes vague, aspirations for life after college. They want to move somewhere different and start a new life.

Not NE student Dolyn Mayo.

Twenty-year-old Mayo plans to stay local and one day become the mayor of Fort Worth.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Mayo said. “I love meeting and greeting people.”

Mayo hopes to combine his networking and people skills with a degree in history or government from UTA.

“If you can’t talk and listen to people, you can’t be mayor,” said Mayo, referring to his hope of minoring in mass communication.

Mayo graduated from Easter Hills High School, where he worked for a mentorship program that helps students all across Fort Worth. The program paired high school problem kids with those who excel and allowed them to learn from each other.

Although he researches accomplishments made by past Fort Worth mayors, Mayo said he tries to stay away from being too politically minded.

“People don’t like politicans,” Mayo said. “They all promise things they don’t deliver. If I can stay away from that I think I have a good chance of being successful.”

Mayo said building a strong community would be key if he were mayor. The home must also do its part to help out the youth. The schools can’t do all the work, he said.

“That doesn’t sound too political, does it?” Mayo asked with a smile.


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