Douglas Anderson

Running from himself since high school, SE student Douglas Anderson has decided to sit back in a desk for the first time after 20 years.

Though he always wanted to attend college, Anderson was convinced he was the “classic underachiever.”

“When I pulled my transcripts, I even shocked myself with what I saw. I believe I had a low C at best,” he said. “So I was never really confident in school and as the years went by I kept coming up with an excuse each year as to why I couldn’t go.”

He used his status as a single father with a limited income as a way to keep him from the classroom. He said he needed to concentrate on work and provide for his children.

“Then as I became more successful in my career, I convinced myself that I wasn’t smart enough to go to college,” he said. “I was struggling with helping my daughters do seventh-grade algebra. There would be no way I could do college-level math.”

He also remembers helping his daughters with some of their English assignments and getting those wrong too.

“I ended up building this fear of college and accepted the fact that I would never go to college,” he said.

Now remarried and the father of a two-year old little girl, he said his wife and God inspired him to join school again.

“My wife was always telling me that I was very intelligent and that I was more than capable of going to college,” he said. “It really took a combination of her pushing me and listening to God that got me here.

“Besides all that, my two daughters attended TCC as well and between them and 3 years of schooling, they came home with 3 semester hours. So, I took their college funds and decided it was time for me to do something for me.”


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