Lauren Lee

When she’s not studying or working as a Chili’s waitress or as a lifeguard at her local recreation center, this Texas Coca-Cola Scholar plays

NW student Lauren Lee plays for a Saginaw coed volleyball team at the recreation center where she works as a lifeguard.

Lee’s brother encouraged her to play, and since then Lee has played a total of six seasons at the center.

“I started playing volleyball about a year and a half ago,” Lee said. “My younger brother comes up here all the time, and he got in this league and he was like ‘Hey, my sister’s a setter. Let’s have her come in and play with us.’”

When Lee first began playing, she started on the league’s B-division, which places the players together who are just starting out.

After a few seasons on the B-division, Lee moved to the A-division.

“This season, I played only on the A-side,” Lee said. “The A-side is a bit more competitive while the B-side you’re just getting started. But if you win a championship on the B-side you, move up to A.”

Lee’s team finished third overall out of eight teams in the current season, and next season Lee plans on playing a minor role because of academics and her work schedule.

“[Next season] I won’t be able to completely commit,” Lee said. “I’ll be working 12-hour days six days a week, but hopefully I’ll be able to play a little bit at least.”

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