Haley Harrington

NE student Haley Harrington has is a seven-year cheerleading veteran, who has coached and cheered on a national level.

Harrington’s experience with cheerleading started at the age of twelve, when a neighborhood woman approached her about putting a cheer squad together for fun. Well what turned out to be fun became a seven-year hobby, which helped Harrington grow, personally, athletically.

” I would not be the same person if it wasn’t for cheerleading, the experience built character,” says Harrington.

Harrington coached for three years, ages five -eight and in 2005 led her team to victory to win Nationals. “That was the most memorable and highest point in my cheerleading career.”

“Winning Nationals as a coach was he best moment more so then being on a team,” says Harrington.

However, the lowest point in Harrington’s career was when a close friend on her squad committed suicide.

“It was the lowest point for me and the for the girls I was coaching, we were all close and to lose someone to that was very hard on everyone, ” says Harrington.

“Even in the mist of the storm, it was amazing as a coach to watch the girls go from their lowest point to their highest to win Nationals. I cried when I heard our team name being called,” says Harrington.

Even though Harrington stopped cheering at the age of eighteen, she says “I loved it’ I made so many friends doing cheerleading and recommend it to anyone. Cheerleading teaches core values such as “morals, commitment, and attitude. It builds character and I wouldn’t be the same person without it.”

“If there was one thing athletic I could have kept from cheerleading it would have to be my stamina. Man I wish I had my stamina back,” laughs Harrington.


Alyne Turner

Sitting in architectural class one-day, NE student Alyne Turner found her passion it was fashion.

“I have always liked designing, and drawing. I have always been creative,” says Turner.

Turner designed a ball gown made out of playing cards in one of her art classes. “I hope to one day be in the Ft. Worth Art Festival showcasing my sculptures,” says Turner.

Even though she has only take one art class, Turner plans on continuing her pursuit of sculpting by attacking her next art project, sculpting a six in a half foot zipper made
entirely out of buttons.

“The best feeling is seeing my vision come to life,” says Turner.

Even though Turner has awhile before she graduates she says “I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do in fashion, either being a designer of footwear or merchandizing, but whatever I choose I know it is going to be something creative,” says Turner.

Tony Granado

Graphic designer, entrepreneur, writer, and musician; describes twenty year old NE student Tony Granado.

Granado is an entrepreneur who owns his own graphic design business, ” Key Black Productions”. The company has been in existence for four years and caters to local and national music artist, by creating web sites pages for them.

Granado has worked with famous people such as Kim more Lee Simmons, and artist TPain.

“I treat everyone I work with the same no matter if they’re a local or national artist,” says Granado.

Granado has always been an overachiever, at the age of twelve he took apart a computer his dad brought home.

“I was bored and I like to see how things work, so I took it apart, it only took a couple of days to put back together,” says Granado.

A self-taught man, when it comes to computers is not the only thing Granado is about; he also plays the violin, cello, and the piano.

“I have played the violin and cello for ten years, and just started playing the piano a year ago,” says Granado.

Being musically inclined is just another facet to what make Granado tick. In his junior year of high school, Granado took a creative writing class, and end up writing the core curriculum for the freshmen class of his high school.

Granado’s accomplishments are many for such a young man of twenty, yet his drive to be successful, and learn as much as possible is what keeps him striving towards excellence, no matter what the circumstance.

“My worst moment was having my office broke into on my birthday, They stole a seven thousand dollar computer that I built, but I guess everything happens for a reason because with the insurance money I was able to open a second office,” says Granado.

The second office is ten times bigger then the first, and is his best moment to date.

Deserae Smithers

Deserae Smithers, 23, of Fort Worth, Texas, is finally fulfilling her dreams of getting her nursing degree.

Though, she’ll tell you herself she knows 23 is not that old. Especially since she just celebrated her 23rd birthday less than a month ago. Her daughter, however, is also getting set to celebrate her fourth birthday in a matter of months.

Hence, Deserae’s 23 feels like 32, and the dream she is fulfilling is her second, the first being her daughter Lexi’s birth.

Smithers was pregnant with Lexi just as her first semester of college was beginning.

“All my friends that I had just graduated with were getting school supplies and new clothes for college, meanwhile I was buying baby clothes and preparing to be a mother, it was scary,” Smithers said.

After Lexi’s birth, Smithers opted to take time off school and be a full time single mother.

“My parents were very helpful throughout the experience, but I didn’t ever want to treat Lexi like a burden, so I had to grow up faster,” Smithers said.

Once Lexi turned two, Smithers returned to TCC, and gradually eased her way back into school. She started her first semester back with six hours, then nine hours, then 12 hours.

Smithers now works at HEB hospital, and still has her parents help when she needs it with Lexi. Though Lexi will always be her main focus, Smithers now has a goal to accomplish, something she has been missing for a while.

David Lambert

Football was the dream. It had been the dream since he was old enough to catch it. David Lambert, a current TCC student was on his way to that dream.

After high school Lambert accepted a scholarship to Texas Tech University to play safety. All his hard work and perseverance had paid off.

Lambert had played football all through high school receiving all kinds of accolades, but he still wanted more.

“Playing in college would’ve been great, because it would have fulfilled my dream of playing on that stage as well as my parent’s dream of me in college,” Lambert said.

Even as a kid Lambert would play other sports, but he would live for football.

“I’ve lived on a golf course my entire life. I had the opportunity to play golf whenever I wanted, but when I looked outside I didn’t see the golf course, I saw an even 100 yards conveniently marked off for me and my friends to play football,” Lambert said.

Unfortunately, despite his hard work Lambert would suffer a serious injury to his right knee in his first season with the Red Raiders. College football was over.

He has now returned home and is working on his degree. Despite his misfortune he remains in good spirits. Every now and then he’ll even call up his friends for a good ole pick up game on the golf course.

Amy Raza

Recent graduate, and former TCC student, Amy Raza is busy these days planning her wedding.

Raza, 24, remembers when not too long ago, just finishing school was her greatest burden. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Raza moved to Texas at the age of 11 and quickly adapted to the American lifestyle.

She loved going to the malls, and seeing her friends at school every morning. Amy attended TCC for her first two years of college, but decided to take some time off to help her family’s business.

“It was a tough decision, because I was just starting to get a feel for college life, but in my culture family always takes priority,” Raza said.

After transferring to UTA and majoring in Criminology, Raza admitted it was a difficult proccess trying to get back on track and finish school.

“It wasn’t easy seeing all my friends graduate knowing I should’ve been up there with them, but it only made me work harder,” Raza said.

Her hard work paid off as she graduated in Dec. 2008, and is now engaged and ready to take the next step in her life.

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