Deserae Smithers

Deserae Smithers, 23, of Fort Worth, Texas, is finally fulfilling her dreams of getting her nursing degree.

Though, she’ll tell you herself she knows 23 is not that old. Especially since she just celebrated her 23rd birthday less than a month ago. Her daughter, however, is also getting set to celebrate her fourth birthday in a matter of months.

Hence, Deserae’s 23 feels like 32, and the dream she is fulfilling is her second, the first being her daughter Lexi’s birth.

Smithers was pregnant with Lexi just as her first semester of college was beginning.

“All my friends that I had just graduated with were getting school supplies and new clothes for college, meanwhile I was buying baby clothes and preparing to be a mother, it was scary,” Smithers said.

After Lexi’s birth, Smithers opted to take time off school and be a full time single mother.

“My parents were very helpful throughout the experience, but I didn’t ever want to treat Lexi like a burden, so I had to grow up faster,” Smithers said.

Once Lexi turned two, Smithers returned to TCC, and gradually eased her way back into school. She started her first semester back with six hours, then nine hours, then 12 hours.

Smithers now works at HEB hospital, and still has her parents help when she needs it with Lexi. Though Lexi will always be her main focus, Smithers now has a goal to accomplish, something she has been missing for a while.


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