Haley Harrington

NE student Haley Harrington has is a seven-year cheerleading veteran, who has coached and cheered on a national level.

Harrington’s experience with cheerleading started at the age of twelve, when a neighborhood woman approached her about putting a cheer squad together for fun. Well what turned out to be fun became a seven-year hobby, which helped Harrington grow, personally, athletically.

” I would not be the same person if it wasn’t for cheerleading, the experience built character,” says Harrington.

Harrington coached for three years, ages five -eight and in 2005 led her team to victory to win Nationals. “That was the most memorable and highest point in my cheerleading career.”

“Winning Nationals as a coach was he best moment more so then being on a team,” says Harrington.

However, the lowest point in Harrington’s career was when a close friend on her squad committed suicide.

“It was the lowest point for me and the for the girls I was coaching, we were all close and to lose someone to that was very hard on everyone, ” says Harrington.

“Even in the mist of the storm, it was amazing as a coach to watch the girls go from their lowest point to their highest to win Nationals. I cried when I heard our team name being called,” says Harrington.

Even though Harrington stopped cheering at the age of eighteen, she says “I loved it’ I made so many friends doing cheerleading and recommend it to anyone. Cheerleading teaches core values such as “morals, commitment, and attitude. It builds character and I wouldn’t be the same person without it.”

“If there was one thing athletic I could have kept from cheerleading it would have to be my stamina. Man I wish I had my stamina back,” laughs Harrington.


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