Tony Granado

Graphic designer, entrepreneur, writer, and musician; describes twenty year old NE student Tony Granado.

Granado is an entrepreneur who owns his own graphic design business, ” Key Black Productions”. The company has been in existence for four years and caters to local and national music artist, by creating web sites pages for them.

Granado has worked with famous people such as Kim more Lee Simmons, and artist TPain.

“I treat everyone I work with the same no matter if they’re a local or national artist,” says Granado.

Granado has always been an overachiever, at the age of twelve he took apart a computer his dad brought home.

“I was bored and I like to see how things work, so I took it apart, it only took a couple of days to put back together,” says Granado.

A self-taught man, when it comes to computers is not the only thing Granado is about; he also plays the violin, cello, and the piano.

“I have played the violin and cello for ten years, and just started playing the piano a year ago,” says Granado.

Being musically inclined is just another facet to what make Granado tick. In his junior year of high school, Granado took a creative writing class, and end up writing the core curriculum for the freshmen class of his high school.

Granado’s accomplishments are many for such a young man of twenty, yet his drive to be successful, and learn as much as possible is what keeps him striving towards excellence, no matter what the circumstance.

“My worst moment was having my office broke into on my birthday, They stole a seven thousand dollar computer that I built, but I guess everything happens for a reason because with the insurance money I was able to open a second office,” says Granado.

The second office is ten times bigger then the first, and is his best moment to date.


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