Casey Fausset

Still in her first year of marriage to husband Jon, NE student Casey Fausset’s first 24 hours of wedded life included a crazy round of events that still make her laugh to this day.

Married in May 2009, the newly wedded couple headed to San Antonio to begin their honeymoon.

After spending six frustrating hours sitting in traffic, the couple arrived at their four-star hotel only to discover the toilet in their room wasn’t working. While attempting to call downstairs to report the issue, they discovered their room phone was also out of service.

“We had to use our cell phone to call downstairs,” she said. “They said, ‘Yes, we had a water break, and no one has water right now.’”

Later, the couple called the local tour guide company to confirm a trip they had reserved for the following day to visit area missions.

“The company had no record of us at all signing up for this tour,” Fausset said. “It had already been paid in full. It was a gift, and they had no record of us.”

The company agreed to pick the couple up the following day as long as they had their documentation.

The next morning, Fausset stopped in the hotel’s restroom as they were heading out to meet the tour bus. Suddenly, a pipe burst and flooded the room with water. Half-drenched, Fausset started screaming in total disbelief.

The hotel apologized for the couple’s inconvenience with a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, which got an A+ from the Faussets.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that ever and probably won’t,” she said.

Fausset gave her recommendation for couples when things go wrong.

“Start your relationship off with humor,” she said. “Try to find the humor in everything.”


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