Chris Zan Haasen

Along with studying to be a firefighter and working as a lifeguard for the NE Campus pool, Chris Zan Haasen often finds time for a game of rugby.

Zan Haasen is a student who enjoys keeping a busy schedule. He particularly enjoys physical activities.

Though Zan Haasen enjoys a game of football, he said he prefers more of a “tactical” game.

“I originally played football,” Zan Haasen said. “But the reason why I never really truly embraced it is because it’s not a true contact sport, in my eyes. Rugby is so fast-paced and relentless. It’s not just a line of scrimmage. It’s tactics and strategies that you have to keep in your head. Because at any minute, you might have to change tactic or strategy up the field to score a try.” A “try” is a score in rugby.

Zan Haasen said he thinks scoring a “try” sounds better than scoring a touchdown.

“I like that they call it that because in rugby you are putting forth your best effort,” he said. “You really are trying.”


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