Miriam Street

Students receive financial aid to help with the cost of school, but that does not pay the bills.

“I only received $1,000 back for my financial aid,” said Miriam Street, a SE Campus student.

Street’s rent is $625 a month and her car payment is $400 a month.

“Yeah, getting financial aid does help out but only helps for a month.” Street said. “Daytime jobs that pay good do not work around my school schedule. Therefore, I have to work as a waitress in a strip club.”

She has tried to pay her bills and school on a normal waitress’s income, but she works five to six days a week.

“I only have to work four days a week at Spearmint Rhino.” Street said. “I wish I could find a good paying job that did not require me to work in this kind of atmosphere.”

Street has two sisters, but they have families they need to take care of, she said.

“I wish I had someone that could pay for my college,” Street said. “My job is not that bad, but I do not want to work there forever. That is why I am trying to get my degree to move on to something better.”


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