Oscar Nieto

High school students have an option to take four years of a certain foreign language in high school and then take a test. If they pass, they receive college credit hours.

“I got a 4 on my AP Spanish exam in high school,” said Oscar Nieto, a NE Campus student.

By getting a four on the exam Nieto was suppose to receive 11 hours of college credits for Spanish, he said.

“I went up to TCC and showed them my score in person and sent an official one to them as well as sent one to UNT.” Nieto said.

TCC told Nieto that a four on the exam would only get him four hours worth of Spanish credits.

“I did not know exactly what it was worth and went with what they said,” said Nieto. “Soon after talking to UNT and my current Spanish teacher, I found out that they messed up.”

He was supposed to hear back from the dean within the first two weeks of school but never heard back from anyone.

“I got stuck with my Spanish II class, so I lost time and money.” Nieto said. “TCC still hasn’t given my 11 hours, and I’m still fighting it.”


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