Brentny Breedlove

NW student Brentny Breedlove wants to be a high school swimming coach and teacher once she graduates from college. She will not fall into the typical coach’s stereotype by teaching history or health. Instead, Breedlove plans on teaching sign language.

“I love sign language, and I love teaching it,” Breedlove said.

Breedlove initially took sign language by default. Her degree plan required foreign language. She didn’t want to take French, German, Spanish or any other language offered. She decided she would try something new and registered for sign language.

The first day she walked into class, she instantly fell in love with the language.

“I absolutely love sign language. Everything about it is really unique and fascinating,” Breedlove said. “Even though I am only in my second sign language class, I have had opportunities outside of the classroom like at my work to communicate with the hearing-impaired. I find it very rewarding.”


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