Alexa Castillo

This time of the year, most TCC students find themselves stressing and studying hard for final exams. NW student Alexa Castillo has a little bit more on her mind. She is planning her senior prom extravaganza.

Castillo is 17 years old and a recent graduate of Saginaw High School.

“I decided to graduate early because I already had all of my high school credits and didn’t want to waste any time taking blow-off classes when I could get started with my college classes,” Castillo said.

Although this is her first semester full-time at TCC, Castillo is no stranger to the college setting.

“I took two college classes the summer before my senior year,” Castillo said. “I also did dual credit in high school, so it was nice to earn college credits with that.”

She plans on transferring to Texas Tech in the fall to pursue a degree in business management.

“TCC was a nice experience that got me ahead in college and helped prepare me for my future,” Castillo said.


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