Jeremy Jones

SE student Jeremy Jones believes online television is the future.

With YouTube’s popularity continually growing, Jones said the chance for young filmmakers to get noticed is high. Last year, Jones decided to start his own film production titled Tiger Milk and even wrote a script for his web series Pirates vs. Ninjas.

Jones said the idea for the web series came from an online debate about who would win in a fight between pirates and ninjas.

“If you Google Pirate vs. Ninja, there is an online argument about who would win in a fight,” he said.

Jones said the debate is silly, which inspired him to write the script and turn the debate into humor.

“I wrote the script kind of poking fun at this subject,” he said.

Jones said people have shorter attention spans when watching television online.

“The thing with the web is that it’s a new frontier,” he said. “So you can’t spoon feed an online audience. You have to give it to them all at once.”


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