Dante Yancey

The economy swamped Dante Yancey’s small businesses, but his is moving on.

Yancey closed his landscaping business in Florida in 2009, but he moved onto other things quickly. He moved closer to family in Texas and went back to school for his civil engineering degree.

The eight-year-old company was still bringing in money when Yancey decided to close the doors, he said.

“I saw business was leaving,” Yancey said.

With a civil engineering degree he can work for the government, homeowners or anyone who is building.

“From idea to practical sense,” is how Yancey described the job. “I already have training on the physical side, I’m getting the managerial side.”

In the meantime, Yancey works as a physical trainer at a gym. Years ago, he got his license.

He did not do anything with it for years but paid the annual $30 to keep it.

“You can never have too many certifications or options,” Yancey said.

Plans for the future are not concrete yet.

“I would not mind having another company,” Yancey said. “But if someone wants to pay me six figures…”


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