Ani Franco

To spend money, a person must find a way to make money. TR student Ani Franco works at Putt-Putt Golf and Games to help pay for her shopping obsession.

“I’m a party captain at Putt-Putt,” she said.

Franco has worked at Putt-Putt for close to two years now. She said it can be fun, but it can also be hard at times.

When she’s not working, Franco enjoys doing Zumba. She said she recently joined a Zumba class. She explained that Zumba is a type of Latino dance, but it’s also used as a workout because of the movements. This is perfect, she said because, it’s fun and she gets a great workout.

“I love to dance,” she said.

She busted out a sprinkler head move to show off her skills.

Besides working and dancing, Franco said she loves to play volleyball. She is currently playing with a team at the Fort Worth Recreation Center. She would like to get a team together when the next session starts, she said.

“I really enjoy playing,” she said. “I’ve played since I was in high school.”

Franco also has a soft side for animals. She would like to become a veterinarian when she gets out of school, she said.

“I love animals, and my ideal job would be working with them everyday,” she said.

For now, Franco said she is going to work toward her goal, continue with school and have fun along the way.


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