Brianna Ochoa

NE student Brianna Ochoa said if she had not joined Phi Theta Kappa, she would have missed out on several beneficial opportunities.

Ochoa came to NE Campus after graduating high school in 2007 and became a Phi Theta Kappa member in 2008.

She became involved in various Phi Theta Kappa events, such as fundraisers, meetings and orientations, which eventually led her to become inducted as an enhanced member.

Afterward, Ochoa was elected historian and then public relations officer. Her responsibilities included sending e-mails to members about events and inductions, and creating induction ceremonies for new members.

She has traveled to Tyler, Houston and Orlando, Fla. with her team for leadership conventions. Last year, Ochoa was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa District Two Hall of Fame.

“I have learned a lot as an officer and plan to take my skills and apply them forward,” she said. “Being part of Phi Theta Kappa has allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking. I love it now.”

Ochoa said she came to TCC undecided about what she wanted to study, but taking classes at NE Campus has allowed her to explore many new fields.

“My visual communications class was actually the class that inspired me to pursue design,” she said.

This is Ochoa’s final semester at TCC. She plans to attend the University of North Texas or the University of Texas at Arlington to study in interior design.


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