Christina Smith

Christina Smith was given her first name because it was spelled “Christ in a.”

“My parents made me go to church when I was growing up,” she said. “I didn’t have a choice.”

Smith’s parents might have made this decision because of her father’s past. He’d gone to church when he was young, but he fell off the path and did some things he regretted. However, after an eye-opening dream in his 20s, he went back to Christianity.

While Smith was coerced into a Methodist church all her life, she didn’t really believe until her half-brother-in-law came to visit.

Todd Feitkau preaches in the streets of Fort Worth because he believes that’s how it should be done because that’s how Jesus of Nazareth did it. He also has regrets from his youth, having been a Satanist in his late teens. However, decades later, he led Smith to her own salvation.

“Immediately, there was an overwhelming peaceful feeling that I have never felt before,” Smith said.


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