Norma Salinas

Some people can hold a job for two years and then it’s onto the next one, but TR student Norma Salinas has been with her job for 13 years.

Salinas is a guest services manager. She said she enjoys it because she is able to work with people all day.

“I like being around other people,” she said. “It’s in my nature to be friendly.”

Her job isn’t the only thing that keeps her busy, Salinas has a 5-year-old daughter who keeps her on her toes. Her daughter has an outgoing personality and likes to be the center of attention, she said.

“She’s very much like me, but I don’t like to be the center of attention as much as she does,” she said.

Aside from work and her daughter, Salinas finds time to attend school on Tuesday and Thursday.

“I’m currently taking one class right now,” she said.

Salinas attended TCC in 1996 and stopped after a conflict with work. She came back in the fall of 2009 to continue where she left off, she said.

School gives her the chance to grow personally and gain knowledge. It’s something she wanted to do for herself, she said.


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