Terry Heflin

NW English instructor Terry Heflin read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter in the eighth grade and despised it.

“It was torture the entire way through,” she said. She couldn’t wait to finish the book and put it out of sight.

Years later, she was once again confronted with The Scarlet Letter while in graduate school and found she could not put it down.

“I read the entire book in one night, she said.

She realized time had a subtle way of revealing unnoticed interests and ambitions when least expected.

For Heflin, this helped her to recognize her passion for English literature and her enthusiasm for conveying this ardor to students. She is now in her 30th year of teaching English and in her sixth year at TCC.

“I’m never bored,” Heflin said.

With each new semester comes a fresh chance for herself and her students to be sparked by a piece of literature. She said this rejuvenation is why she continues to teach. Heflin teaches in a way which focuses on literary analysis and development as opposed to a strictly grammarian approach so that students can experience a more interactive and involved approach to English and writing styles.

“I want to open students‘ minds to think outside of the box,” Heflin said. “If I can have a student make a connection with something we’ve read, then I’ve accomplished my goal.”


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