Tim Flow

If a person were given the choice to drive a brand new Chevy or a 1985 Chevy, the majority would choose the brand new Chevy. NE student Tim Flow on the other hand would pick his 1985 baby blue Chevy any day.

Flow has invested a lot of time into his truck. He is currently rebuilding the entire engine himself. He said it has allowed him to leave his own special mark, like an artist signing his masterpiece.

“I’m the only one that I know of with a two-tone valve cover,” he said.

When Flow isn’t working on his truck, he enjoys watching any sport, but mostly baseball. Flow played baseball when he was a kid all the way up until high school. He said he would love to coach someday.

“I’ll play catch with my nephews sometimes,” he said. “It gives me a chance to hang out with them and do what I love.”

He enjoys drawing as well. His pencil glides across the paper effortlessly. There’s doodles all over his notes from class, he said.

“I like to draw faces only. I’m not a fan of drawing the entire body,” he said.

As well as drawing various faces, he likes “tagging” as well, which he said is like graffiti art.

Besides his talents and love for baseball, he said you will never catch him without a baseball cap on. He said he starts from the hat and works his way down to what he will wear that day. The hat makes the entire wardrobe, he said.

“The only time I don’t have a hat on is when I’m sleeping or taking a shower,” he said.


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