Chelsea Keith

Chelsea KeithChelsea Keith, at first glance, appears to be a stereotypical girlie-girl, but the pretty hair and pink accessories are just a small part of her personality.

She is pursuing a double major in criminology and criminal justice with a minor in psychology. She wants to start out as a police officer and gradually become a homicide detective.

Keith does not shy away from thoughts of encountering dead bodies, or of the perils an officer could face.

A frequent visitor to the gun range and Fort Worth gun shows, she is trying to obtain a concealed handgun license and a membership with the NRA.

“I hate feeling defenseless and useless,” she said.

With a taser she has already accidentally felt the shock of, Keith now has her eye on purchasing a pink-zebra handgun, which she plans to sport as a female police officer.

Keith’s passion for gunplay and law enforcement contrasts with her feminine appearance. This Keller girl, who frequents the gun range with her boyfriend, is truly more than she appears.

“I love the thrill [of shooting] … and knowing I am not defenseless — overall, the badassness,” she said.

— Kelli Henderson and Taylor Jensen


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