Cliff Fielding and Jean Luc-Vila

Music is something NE student Cliff Fielding takes seriously. While many students change their major during college, Fielding has remained steadfast.

“It has been a straight and narrow path for me,” he said. “All I’m interested in, all I’ve ever been interested in is sound.”

Fielding is bassist in the three-member band PSI, a psychedelic, instrumental rock group.

“We have this room we call the sanctuary. It is like the most important thing to us,” he said.

Fielding said the three will lock themselves in the sanctuary, and no one goes in or out. Then there is a moment of realization when the music all comes together. They will then try to remember how they created the specific sound.

“We call it the holy moment,” he said. “It is an unexplainable moment of closeness.”

Enter Jean Luc-Vila. PSI sought out Vila to take pictures of the band. Vila gets his creative inspiration from nighttime and spends up to eight hours in the darkroom working on flashless photography.

“I’m inspired by the way people and objects take on different images at night,” Vila said.

Fielding describes Vila as a genius.

— Shirlett Warren and Karen Gavis


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