Andrew Hollinger

Author, history professor, publisher, orator and bicycle enthusiast are a few ways to describe NE Campus history professor Andrew Hollinger.

“This last weekend, I did [biked] about one hundred miles, I guess.” he said.

Hollinger owns two very cool bicycles, a Moots and a Cinelli, which allow him an elite riding experience. He is also a founding member of Team Bicycles, Inc., a club consisting of road bicycle racers.

Additionally, Hollinger publishes an e-zine, The Racing Post, which has a readership of 28,000. When Hollinger first began publishing the magazine 7 1/2 years ago, it was an 18-page magazine on newsprint. Now, it is fully glossed, has 44 pages, national advertisers and is downloadable, he said.

In addition to teaching, publishing and speaking, Hollinger officiates or competes in bicycle racing, he said.

Why do he and his bike racing friends do it?

Because we are completely focused, because we’re driven,” he said. “That’s what we do.”

Compared to those in his age group, Hollinger said he is in great physical shape, but compared to other bike racers, he does not top the list.

“I’m one of those people who make the other guys look good,” he said.

Hollinger said compared to other bicycle racers, he is old, slow and fat. And when moments go uphill, he is hurting.

“I can still put in a decent day on a bicycle,” he said.

Hollinger can also put in a decent day’s writing. He has written three novels, Changin’ Gears, Hangin’ On and Lex.

However, Hollinger’s real passion is teaching history.

“The only job I ever wanted to do is teach history,” he said.

Hollinger said he believes that the real success stories are at community colleges where students learn while experiencing real life.

“There are no silver spoons here,” he said. “I feel like it [TCC] is something I want to be part of.”

Hollinger said if he can be a small part of a success story, his job is worthwhile.

— Karen Gavis


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