Vivian Lu

The roots of SE Campus library assistant Vivian Lu’s culture not only run deep, but they show because Lu expresses them through art she creates and shares with others.

Originally from China, Lu learned the art of origami in kindergarten. While earning her master’s at Texas Wesleyan University, she became bored during the summers and bought a book on origami making. It was the first of many books she read on the subject. Now, Lu said she creates one hundred different kinds of animals, insects and human figures. She wants her art to be meaningful, so she also creates scenes.

“It is so much fun even though it is time-consuming,” she said.

Lu said China’s culture tends to be more symbolic and before the Tung Dynasty, a person’s intelligence was measured by their ability to write poetry.

“Well educated people tend to express their ideas in symbolic ways,” she said.
Today, a symbolic stork hangs proudly in the SE Campus library. It is one of Lu’s creations, and its mission is to deliver books. One of the books in the stork’s bundle has wings.

Lu got the idea for the stork when co-workers kept asking her to make them origami and she would make cranes. Then, she decided to make a giant crane which evolved into a stork. When Lu realized storks delivered babies, she looked around the library, saw all the books and decided the SE stork would deliver books instead.

Lu’s stork carries a bundle of tiny books with the names of each full and part-time library faculty member along with a topic they enjoy.

Lu said she had one book leftover so she equipped it with wings and added it to the creation also so it could fly into a reader’s heart.

“Whoever that reader is,” she said.

— Karen Gavis


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