Rodney Thompson

Adjunct Instructor Rodney Thompson says that technology is not just important, it’s taking over.

New to TCC, Thompson is teaching BCIS on NW Campus and wants to help students learn basic computer skills and help them decide their goals for the future.

“I like helping kids out, and it comes naturally to me to help kids advance in their career. That’s why I wanted to be a teacher,” he said.

With three master’s degrees in science, fine arts and information technology, and 10 years experience as a teacher/counselor, Thompson is more than qualified to help students reach their own potential.

Thompson believes that whatever career students choose, it should be for the right reasons.

“Do what your heart tells you, not just because the job pays a lot,” he said. “Chances are if you choose a career for the money, you won’t end up making any.”

Thompson says he is passionate about technology and that any student looking to major in I.T. will enter a fast-paced field that is constantly changing the way we live our lives.

‘In whatever field or major you choose, you have to stay open-minded,” he said. “Be an innovator.”

Taylor Jensen


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