Fernando Orozco

Film and creativity are two of many passions that drive TR student Fernando Orozco.  At age 19, his enthusiasm for movies landed him a job as one of Movie Taverns youngest projectionists.

“I started out working as a host, and the managers noticed I liked film, and I kept moving up to bigger positions until I became a projectionist,” he said. “The main part of my job is setting everything up for the next week. I pick the titles, trailers and advertisements that come before the movie.”

As an aspiring scriptwriter, Orozco has written four of his own movie ideas. He believes that writers have something to say, and it’s for more than just entertainment.

“A line can mean anything. It can be taken different ways. Every artist has a goal to be understood no matter what they are doing,” he said.

Orozco was recently accepted to the University of North Texas but is keeping his options open to pursue his love for music as well.

“UNT has a classical music major, but I play electric guitar. I thought about auditioning at Berkeley and possibly going there, so that’s another option for me,” he said.

Orozco hopes to one day have his movies on the big screen and believes his affiliation with Movie Tavern can help him get there one day.

“I know the president of Movie Tavern has connections with Paramount, so hopefully I can keep moving up and show him my scripts one day,” he said.

Ashley Johnson 


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