Carmen Londono

 SE student Carmen Londono is always on the lookout for a great deal. Though the fine arts major likes the normal girlie things like clothes, shoes and accessories, her favorite finds are tableware, wall hangings or anything to fill her apartment she will have someday.

See, the 21-year-old still lives at home, but she’s been collecting dishes, glasses and silverware since she was 16. She keeps them in what she calls a hope chest.

“When I first got a job, I started buying cups for my apartment one day,” she said. “My mom was like, ‘So you can hope to get out of the house one day? You can have a hope chest?’ So that’s where the name came from.”

Because she started when she was 16, her collection has gotten big. Londono said she has filled two Rubbermaid totes, and they have been moved to a storage unit.

“The first thing I bought for the hope chest were these cups from Target … I loved them. They are like this brown see-through color,” she said. “They looked old school, like something they’d have in a restaurant. So I got a set of four, and from there, I kind of just went crazy.”

Her eclectic collection consists of plastic plates, glass dishes and cups, knives and pictures and paintings. She said her ultimate goal is to have the little things taken care of when she moves out so all she will have to worry about are the big furniture items.

-Kelli Henderson


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