Alex Alatorre

NE student Alex Alatorre is vice president of Student Government and head coordinator of the speech and debate team, but he wasn’t always this involved in student activities.

He was forced to give up running track after tearing his hamstring. He became discouraged which began to reflect in his grades, he said.

Getting involved in student activities helped him substantially, he said. Forensics and debate remotivated him and gave him that spark to keep going, he said.

“Forensics definitely opened my eyes up to so much that’s going on on the planet and what people are really dealing with,” he said. “Student government showed me what politics is really like.”

This semester has been his busiest and most challenging, but he was able to raise his GPA one whole point, he said.

After TCC, he wants to continue his education at a four-year university and compete in forensics on a four-year college level, he said. After graduating, he’d like to become a college speech professor and a speech and debate coach.

Alatorre may also try his hand at acting, he said.

“Supposedly, the rumor is that they’re doing the Rocky Horror,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s true, but I might apply for that. I love the Rocky Horror.”

Mario Montalvo


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