Saira Sanchez

NE student Saira Sanchez moved around a lot before living in the Metroplex.

She was born in Mexico City. Her parents moved to California when she was only 3 years old. After living there for six years, her family relocated to Chicago. She lived there for seven years before finally moving to Texas.

“Sometimes people think that they’re [her parents] military and that’s why I moved a lot,” she said. “But no, it’s just that they don’t like the routine so they want to try something different.”

Despite moving here at a young age, Sanchez had difficulty learning English, she said. Both of her parents spoke Spanish at home, and she attended bilingual classes which she said were mostly taught in Spanish.

It wasn’t until fifth grade that she took all English-speaking classes.

From a young age, Sanchez has liked art and anything with bright colors, she said. While researching a project in high school, she became interested in interior design. After graduating high school, she got a job with a designer.

She attended college part time but didn’t do well, she said. She took a few years off before deciding to return to school. She soon discovered she was a visual learner, and now she’s earning A’s and B’s in her classes.

“In high school I got C’s and D’s,” she said. “Now I want to have an A or I want to have a B. I want to feel what it is to get an A. I guess since I never had it before, once I got it, I was like ‘Wow, I can get an A.’ I like that feeling.”

Mario Montalvo


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