Jared Landin

Jared LandinJared Landin feels best when he hears that students who he helped passed the exam or got an A on their paper.

Landin works as instructional associate in South Campus’ writing center. He started working at TCC in August 2011, and he loves the job.

“It is really great being able to help the students get through their assignment,” Landin said.

He is from Rockwall and graduated with a master’s degree from the University of North Texas with English. He became delighted with writing after he was inspired by a teacher.

Helping the ESL student is always challenging.

“It is the most difficult part finding a way to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English very fluently and finding a common link where we can understand each other and start to build their language,” he said.

But he loves to help them, and he helps more than 20 students a day. Landin was raised by his mother after his parents split when he was five.

“We thought that we might not have a place to live,” Landin said.

His childhood life became consistent when his mother got a steady job in Rockwall. Now, he has a stable life and has been married for three years.

— Chan Mon


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