Lynda de los Santos

Lynda de los Santos

Librarian Lynda de los Santos spent most of her life in a library and working with a library for 11 years at TCC and five years in the Fort Worth library.

She helps students every day with the information they need for their classes.

Sometimes, it makes her job difficult when a student is not clear what an instructor wanted for an assignment.

“It is hard for us to turn them to the right source that is appropriate for the assignment,” she said.

But de los Santos loves the job, even though she sometimes has to clean trash left by the students.

She graduated with a master’s degree in American history and library information science.

She and her team is helping hundreds of student a day, and she is also helping people outside the school.

“I love to help people,” said de los Santos who is also packing meals for donation.

The meal package is for six people to eat a day, and it is for the Kids Against Hunger organization which helps poor people around the world.

— Chan Mon


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