Amity Womelsdorff

IMG_2175Excited to help students, Amity Womelsdorff has worked in student activities since 2008.

She began her career in a work-study program on NE campus and a few semesters later was hired part time.  In 2011, she became a full-time student development associate.

Womelsdorff helps with answering questions students may have and helps them find out where they need to be.

“We’re here to help,” she said. “If you’re not sure where to get an answer, we may not know, but we know who to call.”

Womelsdorff has aided in the development of the student government association as well as starting the new Student Leadership Academy.  The program includes support in organizational skills, cultural competence and mentoring.

“I like to help with things, and even though initiating new programs can be overwhelming, at the same time they allow us to create new policies,” Womelsdorff said.

When she is not working in student activities, Womelsdorff said she enjoys reading about anthropology and history and studies astrology.

— Elyssa Whaley


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