Aaron Hutchinson

aaron hutchinsonAaron Hutchinson has been taking photography courses on NE Campus for six years now and enjoys them so much he doesn’t plan on ever stopping.

“I like the faculty particularly, and also that the courses teach me something every time,” Hutchinson said. “I love the environment, and I like to move around and study photography with different people.”

Hutchinson also teaches on Saturdays to the TCC Exposure photo club on building cameras. He enjoys building homemade pinhole cameras and creating art to photograph out of junk from his garage.

“I built one in 14 minutes flat,” Hutchinson said. “I love the quality of the photos they take and I definitely think home made pinholes are the best way to photograph something. Everything is in focus.”

Aaron has been published twice in the Under the Clock Tower publication about three years ago.

His biggest inspirations are NE Campus photography associate professors Richard Doherty and Mark Penland. He listens to Aphex Twin for inspiration while photographing and is always looking for new creative ideas.

“I see things in photographs other people can’t see,” he said.

Aaron is 28 and plans on continuing to be up to date with TCC photo and design courses until he can make a career out of it.

—Cody Daniels


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