Nathan Peoples

599281_476888925669542_1894882386_nNate Peoples wants to become a CEO of a large technology company one day. He is already on the path to success, desigining software applications.

“I don’t wanna be the guy to graduate from college just to work for someone else,” he said.

Right now, Peoples works for TR Campus as an administrative assistant, helping to balance budgets, send emails and create databases. In school, his strengths are mainly math, science and technology.

Peoples was a military kid. He grew up in Japan and Italy before graduating from high school in Texas. He said when he came to school stateside, he was much further ahead than the rest of his new school mates.

Currently, Peoples charges by the hour for clients to bring him ideas and have him build the correct application for it. On average, Peoples said it takes him about four hours to design and produce a working application. He creates all types of applications, he said.

While creating applications and working for the school, Peoples is also working on his Microsoft Cloud Engineering certificate.

“I just want to do my own thing,” he said.

—Kirsten Mahon


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