Samuel Colunga

Sam ColungaA project originally meant for a grade became  part of a passion for TR student Samuel Colunga. One day, Colunga wishes to produce his own films.

In his most prized piece, a short Internet film called The Loved One, Colunga took footage from various places.

“I’m a creative person,” he said. “I just want to show the world.”

Colunga’s favorite movie is Halloween, the original made in 1978. The creeper cult-classic movie features very little blood and gore like most horror films do. This is what inspires Colunga.

“It wasn’t shot in a big film studio,” he said. “It was shot without the big dollar.”

Colunga said it’s a skill to achieve the viewership that Halloween did and be remembered 35 years later as one of the scariest movies of all time without the typical horror setting these type of films have.

“I do want to use professional equipment to make a movie or documentary,” Colunga said.

Currently, Colunga is working ideas to make a documentary about a sub-par high school basketball team.

“I want to document how they aren’t good, but they persevere,” he said.

—Kirsten Mahon


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