Benney Peoples

WP_20130419_003Benney Peoples is another veteran student dealing with the long, tedious process and paperwork of leaving the military.

Peoples was previously stationed in Iraq for nine months. As part of her deployment, she was given the duty of prison guard, watching over Iraqi prisoners. Peoples suffered traumas from her experience she might never recover from.

“We didn’t know what they were in prison for,” she said about the prisoners. “The hardest thing for me was being away from my family.”

On top of her school work, Peoples is filling out stacks of paperwork and waiting patiently for the medical board to go through her case. She started the process a year ago and was told she wouldn’t see results for yet another year.

Because Peoples suffers from the trauma of her work in the military and from a shoulder injury that pains her each day still, she can appeal for a medical discharge. However, the process is long and may not even pay off in the end. Right now, Peoples said she regulary visits the Veterans Affairs clinic at no cost until she is finally released in full from the military.

—Kirsten Mahon


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