Alex Gillen

photo 1Many students base the decision of a major on financial stability. For Alex Gillen, the decision is based on his true passion and doing something he loves for the rest of his life — music.

“I just want to be happy with what I do,” he said. “I would rather sacrifice a little money and just be able to live comfortably instead of having a six-figure job that I hate waking up to go to.”

Gillen is currently working toward a degree in music on NE Campus. Gillen’s main instrument is guitar, but he can also sing, play bass and play drums. He is also taking piano restoration and repair courses.

“I would love to end up in a band or possibly teach music,” he said. “The piano repair courses give me a back-up plan and a way to make extra money. We learn everything from tuning a piano, to minor repairs and some restoration techniques. It just gives me more options to choose from in the music field. More options to do something I enjoy doing.”

— Kenney Kost


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