Tom Kellam


After 23 years with the Fort Worth Public Library, archivist Tom Kellam made his way to NE Campus’ Heritage Room archives to help with the organization, restoration and maintaining of the TCC and Tarrant County archives.

“I saw this as an opportunity to build a collection from the ground up,” Kellam said.

Kellam said donations to the archive began in the mid-’70s around the build-up to the Bicentennial in 1976.

“There was a lot of interest in history at the time,” he said. “It grew into and was a very active archive for local historians. Students also helped in the process at the time, and it was used as sort of a teaching project. My goal is to make sure it is still used for that purpose.”

Several artifacts were donated by many people throughout the years. Spanning from Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, one can view various masks, hats, tribal clothing and photographs of natives from many cultures from around the world. Books of wanted posters date back to the late 1800’s along with several manuscripts and rare antique books. Kellam said anything in the archives can be viewed by students and used for anything from casual viewing to research projects.

“It is open to students, faculty and staff to view and use,” he said. “We are working on restoration and better organization. I am working to get a couple of grants to help with this process, but it is currently open and accessible.”

— Kenney Kost


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